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Unbreakable Phone by Lynx Magic

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Unbreakable Phone by Lynx Magic

Unbreakable Phone is a powerful magic trick that allows the magician to put their spectator´s Phone inside of a sealed Pringles’ can, with lots of comedy involved. 
The magician explains how to learn a new magic trick. He announces that he just bought a new one: it is called the “Vanishing Phone”, and he is going to learn how to do it. He starts by borrowing a cell phone from the audience and turns the audio instructions on. The instructional tape states that the magician will need a silk and a magic wand to perform the illusion. The problem is that he can´t find the wand, only a hammer, that he assumes that it is probably a new modern magic wand. The voice says that the magician needs to tap the phone to make it disappear, but the phone doesn’t vanish and for that reason he decides to tap harder, and harder. Now the spectator assumes that he just broke his phone! The instructions say that magician must put down the wand and grab the hammer, and there is when he realizes that the hammer is not the magic wand and that he probably messed it up. Then, he finally finds the very tiny magic wand inside the briefcase. The magician taps on the silk and the phone finally disappears!
The magician waits for rest of the audio explanation, in order to make the phone reappear. Unfortunately, this is just a free sample of the illusion, so he must buy the volume 2 to make the phone reappear. To calm down the nervous spectator the magician hands a Pringles can to the spectator to open, which finds inside chips. The magician gives some chips to the spectator, hoping that the delicious chips will calm him down. But after eating some chips the magician asks the spectator to remove what is inside the can. For his amazement, he finds his phone enclosed inside a plastic bag! The spectator removes it and confirms that it really is his own phone!
• Lynx Magic quality.
• Unbreakable Phone is full stage or parlor routine, very easy to perform.
• The load in the can takes only 3 seconds due to a very specially made laser cut gimmick.
• You receive all the gimmicks needed to perform this routine right away (hammer and briefcase not included).
• Unbreakable Phone routine has comedy, great magic, drama and an unexpected ending, making this routine a “must have” for every magician.
• You do not have to buy a Pringles can every time you perform the routine, due to the custom made can seals, enough for dozens of performances.
• The voice for the routine is professionally translated in different languages: English, Swedish, Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and French.
• The instructions are supplied through a practical download link. They are in English, but easily understandable by anybody thanks to the clear video.



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