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Rope Slate

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Rope Slate

The magician introduces a big black slate, blank on both sides. On one side of the slate the performer writes the word rope in cursive with a chalk. He turns the slate and writes the word magic also in cursive on the other side. The slate is turned again. The previously written word rope is seen.
The performer pinches the end of the word rope and starts to pull the word. Oh! Presto! The whole writing of the word rope leaves the slate and trasforms into a long real rope!

• Easy to perform and of great impact.
• A perfect opener for any rope routine.
• The blackboard, made of wood, measures 44 cm x 29.7 cm  x 2  cm. The rope is about 240 cm  long.
• The rope is normal and could be used for a routine. It is however advisable to exchange it with your favorite rope, using a method of your choice.


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