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Ringone by Quique Marduk

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Ringone by Quique Marduk

The magician shows a transparent tumbler, a spectator examines it, and he visibly fills it with milk, coke, orange juice or any opaque liquid.
A ring is borrowed from a spectator. The magician does not even need to touch it.
The ring is taken from the spectator on a small hook and lowered into the glass.
Now, the ring disappears and can appears anywhere, such as another filled glass, a sealed envelope, etc

– Everything can be examined by the spectator before and after.
– Your hands never touch the ring!
– No palming.
– No gimmicked glasses.
– No magnets, no threads, no duplicated ring.

You receive the special made wood and steel tool, the secret clever gimmick, video instructions in English.