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Pocket Three Card Monte

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Pocket Three Card Monte

This is an off beat version of the Three Card Monte effect by Magician S. Manohara Rao of Rajahmundry.  The theme is that of the Three Card Monte or Find The Odd Card scam, with an added twist. The performer displays three cards in a small plastic envelope, half the height of the cards.  The envelope has a clear front. The performer explains that since this trick is normally associated with sleight of hand, he is going to use the envelope, (like a card shoe used in Casinos), to eliminate the possibility of sleights. The backs of the three cards are displayed, and then their faces. There are two similar cards, and one different or odd card.  The cards are placed in the envelope with the odd card in the middle.  They are then dealt out on the table one at a time, and the envelope shown empty.  A spectator is invited to find the odd card, but fails to do so. 

This is repeated several times, after moving around the cards, but the spectator just cannot find the odd card.  Finally the performer turns over all the three cards, and they are all identical.  The odd card has vanished completely.  And all the cards can be examined. 

Pocket Three Card Monte is very easy to do, and mechanical in nature.  It comes to you complete with all the necessary props and full working instructions.