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Ink Hole by Jonio

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Ink Hole by Jonio

An ink blot turns into a real hole.

It is surreal. You draw a black mark on the face of a replica Morgan dollar. Of course it changes nothing on the back side. It’s just an ordinary Morgan dollar. However, when you try to push a pen towards this mark, it slowly and directly penetrates the coin. The reverse side was definitely there until just before. Because you showed it openly and the audience checked it. There is no doubt that it is merely a drawn mark, yet a pen (regular sharpie) went through it. It is so unbelievable!

If you wish, you can wipe off the drawn mark and everything goes back to normal.

Check out the one-shot live performace of Jonio at the TMA convention in Taiwan. The audience, almost all of whom are experienced magicians, cheered at the point of penetration. This is how real and shocking this penetration is.

This magic can’t happen without the meticulously crafted gimmick. The beautifully made gimmick coin ensures a natural handling from the beginning to the end. If anything looks suspicious, it must be the performer.

JONIO explains the trick with close-up shot on the hands. JONIO is known not only for his technical skills but also for his easy-to-understand explanations. You can learn this easily even if you are a beginner. There are also a studio performance, the live performance at the TMA seen in the trailer, and bonus explanations included.

Make this shocking penetration your own. This is such a great trick that we wish to keep it within the circle.

1 Gimmicked Morgan replica.
1 Regular Morgan replica.
1 Explanation DVD and Explanation Online Video.