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Flying Box Illusion – Tora Magic

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Flying Box Illusion – Tora Magic

EFFECT: An oversized cardboard box is shown resting on a platform. The audience can see underneath and around the box. There is simply nothing to see. At the command of the performer, the box starts to move backwards and them come back into its original position. Next, it mysteriously rotates slowly to the left and then to the right. Yet, the performer has not laid a finger on the box. It seems to have become animated on its own accord.
The performer then commands the box to levitate into the air, and the box complies, slowly floating upwards and around eventually making a 360-degree turn, finally settling back down to the platform.
Finally, the box floats upwards one last time and the top flaps of the box are opened mid-air, revealing a woman inside the box — your assistant! The box can even turn itself upside down once again as her arms hang downwards.
Bringing this astonishing illusion to its conclusion, the assistant is lifted out of the box as the audience delivers a well-deserved round of applause!Comes complete with all necessary components, including platform, gimmick and written instructions!