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Eliminator by Astor

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Eliminator by Astor

This is a gambling effect where the spectators have the chance to win a banknote, with no financial risk.
There are two envelopes, one red and one black. In one of these envelopes is a banknote. From a shuffled deck the spectators eliminate cards until there is only one left. The spectator can win the banknote if the color of the last card matches with the color of the envelope with the banknote. But this will never happened!
As a highlight of the routine: in the envelope matching the color of the last card, there is a prediction card with an opposing colored back. This card perfectly matches the value and suit of the last card. In the routine can be involved one, or two spectators.
As a bonus there is a performance involving three spectators.- No gimmicked prediction cards, end envelopes.
– No multiple prediction cards in one envelope!
– Easy to master and to perform!In the packing there are included 3 envelopes, and 2 hand gimmicked Bicycle decks, one to involve one spectator, and one to involve 2 spectators. It is also possible to create a deck, from the included decks, which make possible to involve 3 persons.

• Qualità Astor Magic quality.
• The instructions are supplied through a practical download link. They are in English, but easily understandable by anybody thanks to the clear video.