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Dice Tower – Tora Magic

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Dice Tower – Tora Magic

Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company

First you show audience 4 black dices separately. Then, you show a quite empty cover and cover the dices. Then, you stick a colorful puzzle with four different colors in front of the cover. Next, you take the cover and all the black dices change to the colors of puzzle. After that, put the cover on the colorful dices and pull the colorful squares of puzzle down with your finger. Then, take the cover, all the single color dices change to one colorful dice. Now, place the cover on the colorful dice and with a black marker, divide the puzzle square to 4 pcs. Then, take the cover; the colorful dice transforms to 8 small colorful dices!

This item includes: All the Dices , Cover . Puzzle and instruction on dvd



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