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Crystal Silk & Ball Cylinder

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Crystal Silk & Ball Cylinder

The magician draws attention to an opaque tube and a transparent tube standing on the table. The magician then introduces three different colored silks (Red, Yellow and Green). He pushes the silks one after another into the transparent tube.
The silks cover the entire interior of the transparent tube. He then lifts the opaque tube and covers the transparent tube with it.
When the opaque tube is lifted it is seen that the three different colored silks have been transformed into three different colored balls. The Magician shows the opaque tube empty.

• Effect loved by children.
• We provide everything you need, including three 20 x 20 cm silk (9 inches).
• The opaque tube is 26.8 cm (10,5 inche) high and has a diameter of 7.4 cm (2,9 inch).