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Appearing Bird Cage, Medium – Tora Magic

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Appearing Bird Cage, Medium    
Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company
The Appearing Bird Cage appears instantaneously out of an empty silk in the magician’s hand.  A very effective production item, from a large production prop, or a body load, or even from thin air,  you can produce several of these as an act by itself. The Appearing Bird Cage is made of chromed metal and its springs have got quite sufficient capability and flexibility. It folds so you can conceal it up your sleeve and snap open so it expands into a full rigid cage,  complete with a couple of small live birds if you wish. This cage is constructed in such a way that there are no sharp corners that the birds might be  hurt when they are appeared in it. The Bird Cage measures 41 cm in length,  6 cm in diameter when closed and 27 cm in diameter when opened.

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