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Ani Zebra Dice – Tora Magic

1,050 kr

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Ani Zebra Dice

Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company

First, you show the audience a black box. Then you rub a white silk on the black box and take the cover, a white dice appears! Then, put the cover on the dice and rub a red silk on the box. Now, take the cover and a red dice appears. After that, show the audience a quite empty drawer box and place two red and white silks in the drawer box and close it. Then, you open the drawer box, the two silks change to one zebra red and white silk. Now, rub the zebra silk on the black box and with the magical movement, the red dice changes to zebra red and white dice! Next, put the zebra silk to the drawer box and close it. When you open, you see a common red and white silk. Rub the silk on the black box and the zebra dice changes to 8 small red and white dices.

This item includes: Complete set of Dices , Drawer box 3 times , Silks and instructions on dvd